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Welcome to Solsum Energy Solutions

Encouraging people to harness solar enery for better future

On grid or Roof Top, Commercial or Residential

We are here for Solar Panel Installation

FPC and ETC Solar water heaters

For Industrial, commercial and residential purposes

Solar Street Light

Working hard to bringing light to make road safer for night

Solar Pumpss

Providing innovative solutions for farming and other purposes

Solar Solutions

Welcome to Solsum Energy Solutions


Solsum Energy Solutions is a perfect solar solution company with a vision to spread solar power in India. Solsum Energy Solutions was established in 2014 and provides comprehensive range of products and services ranging from residential households to corporate and industrial solar set up.

Our company has changed its name from 'Sumangal Enterprises' to 'Solsum Energy Solutions'. Despite the change of company name, there has been no change to either the ownership of the company, the companies day to day operations or nature of its business.

Solsum Energy Solutions is a proven a successful step to make environment more green with the use of renewable natural resource.

Through our technology edge, we have demonstrated that solar power is a viable and sustainable alternate to conventional and costly energy sources. Our company have reduced diesel consumption, saved cost of electricity and improved Productivity. Our efforts have started showing improvement in people quality of life through assured source of Electricity.

Due to this, we deliver quality solution and have long standing relationship with our clients.

Solsum Energy Solutions

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With an experience of 10 Years in Solar Power Development, our team of Engineers, Supervisors and Technicians will help you out for an installation of Solar Plants anywhere.

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